þriðjudagur, janúar 18, 2005

aurora on my block

I was just driving back home from the pool and saw the fantastic ghostly green fingers of the norðurljós (nothern lights) hanging over Reykjavík harbor, bright enough to be seen even through my salt-spattered windshield... so I grabbed my camera and hurried outside to snap these pictures, lots of 8-second exposures with a tripod stuck in the snow. I looked like a real camera weenie. All that was missing was the greying ponytail. You Icelanders reading this can go ahead and laugh now, the same way we Bostonians laugh at tourists for actually wanting to visit "Cheers". Those of you not jaded by the aurora, enjoy!


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Enough energy hits the earth every day in the form of solar wind to power the entire northern hemisphere for a year. Which, well since not everyone has geothermic energy from the gods, might come in handy some day.....

Anonymous Sirry said...

I miss the Aurora. Growing up, my best memories were when I was making snow angels watching the skies. Looking at the Aurora Borealis, doing their ever magnificent ballet accross the velvety dark sky , wondering about life beyond the stars.
Since then, I've heard a song by KK about an angel with red flaming hair.
Since then, every day I talk to them, those beyond the stars as today I work as a medium.


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