fimmtudagur, mars 17, 2005


The last song on Sigur Rós' seminal album Ágætis byrjun is named Avalon. And when the band played in Boston a few times, they played at the Avalon Ballroom. All this Avalon-talk got me wondering, what is Avalon, exactly? says about Avalon:

"In Arthurian legend, an island paradise in the western seas to which King Arthur went at his death."

Hmmm, island paradise? Seas west of England? Could it be... Iceland?

Although today it's not much of a paradise. After weeks of warm temps and then some cool sunshine, the snow and 50 mph winds are back today. But I'll still keep an eye peeled for that King Arthur guy.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Seems that some theorize that Avalon was actually Glastonbury, a "former island", now attached to the mainland on the west coast of England. But they seem to mostly be the same sort of people who believe in the healing powers of crystals and the power of ley lines. I'm going with Iceland. (excuse me, Icecreamland).

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

It must be Iceland, and it's all in the mind of the beholder whether Iceland is indeed a paradise or not. I say it is and it always will be, an island of Paradise. Look at the time of settlement, it was said to be covered in green, all kinds of trees. The island was one huge forest. Blaim the rest on the vikings


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