mánudagur, ágúst 29, 2005

the e-rrival

E has arrived on The Land, as of this morning at 6:02 a.m., wheeling a cart with two enormous red bags on it and brandishing a new winter coat that exudes "Ice-style", in her words. I brought her some aloe yogurt (her fave) and some Happy Bianco (Polish coconut cookies, not her fave in the early a.m. it seems) and drove her back across the lava to Reykjavík. She's home now, where she is probably either frantically unpacking or frantically sleeping, and in either case listening to Hildur Vala on infinite repeat. She plans to go to Hagstofa (the national statistics office) to pick up her shiny new kennitala this afternoon, and then we're gonna go for a swim after I get done from work. Velkomin til landsins, E!


Blogger ECS said...

actually, I'm eating all your hotdogs dipped in pilsusinnep and crunchy onions.

Blogger Paul said...

congrats E


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