þriðjudagur, ágúst 16, 2005

sunday at the pool

Laugardalslaug was back in full effect when I went there on Sunday. New coats of paint on everything and the floors in the vast mens' shower-and-talk-naked-to-the-custodian area had been redone. Unfortunately, they hadn't done anything special to guide tourists to a separate holding pen where they could jabber English/French and complain about things not being like they are at home as loudly as they wanted. And no new hot tubs, either.

I did have a lovely and fully Icelandic-enabled conversation with an older woman in one of the pre-existing hot tubs. Like many retirees in the neighborhood, she walks over to the pool every day. I didn't recognize her because it turns out she is usually in the morning crowd and me in the after-work crowd. (I see a lot of the same old dudes after work every day.) She told me all about her family, and told me her husband has a summer house in Borgarnes (north of here) where she doesn't really like to spend time because she is a "Reykjavík lady" at heart. I said "já já" a lot and listened to her stories. She was a real sweetheart, and the more I talked to her, the more I could see the beautiful young woman hidden under the 79-year-old exterior. After 40 minutes in the hot tub my brain was melting, and I finally told her I had to get out and cool down. So we stood there talking for another 10 minutes in the 50 degree rain, until my non-Viking body could stand the swimsuited cold no longer. I hope I see her again, it would be really nice to have an Icelandic grandma to hang out with at the pool.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

It's good that the locker room was redone- that whole pool was getting a bit ratty. Those hot tubs are a gas- I always like to play a game with myself called "how far can I progress before I'm boiled alive." The best I've done is the second-hottest, and I'm always amused to see all the seal-like old men in the hottest one.

The pylsur stand outside kicks Baejun's Bestur's ass, too.

Blogger JB said...

I've been in the hottest one only once, myself. It's brutal. You have to sit very still. Even the slightest bodily motion sends a Seljalandsfoss of boiling water cascading across you.

That pool could definitely use more than a week's-long makeover. According to my new Icelandic grandma friend they want to take down the (insanely ugly) bleacher seats and replace them with a hotel. As long as they make the TouristTub addition, I'm okay with that.


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