miðvikudagur, september 14, 2005

til Póllands

Iceland Report will be on hiatus for the next several days (or maybe just morph into the Poland Report) as the company for which E and I work is taking us all to Warsaw for the weekend. This kind of company trip once a year is common in Iceland, although usually it's a domestic destination. But our company is taking us rockstar style: we'll be flying on a chartered Icelandair jet, staying in a splashy hotel, riding around everywhere in Trabant stretch limos, and eating lots of Polish sassage.

I'm psyched to be going back to the Old World. Eastern Europe will always be "neeah and deeah to my haht" after the now near-cliche formative trips to the Czech Republic in the go-go 90s.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Oh, sure -- now it's cliche. But back in the day, people still called it Czechoslovakia! Its noble people had just cast off the shackles of communism!

We were pioneers, I tell you...pioneers!


Blogger JB said...

Actually, they still do call it Czechoslovakia in many places. :-)

I didn't mean to diminish the accomplishments of the original Prague Three. In fact, EN and I were talking about a revival tour with you next year, to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the first trip.

Blogger Paul said...

Take a photo of a drab communist-era building for me, esp if it has a giant flag flying over it.


Blogger JB said...

Man, and we saw plenty of those ("panelaky" - panel buildings), too. But we came back on Sunday so you're a little behind the times. E may have something in her stack of photos, though.


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