laugardagur, febrúar 04, 2006


"Jeppi" is Icelandic for "Jeep" and it's used in the generic WWII sense of the word, not the Grand Cherokee sense of the word. So a lot of things qualify as a jeppi here. I drive a jeppi. And this qualifies me as someone who drives something a just a little bit special.

When I gave two coworkers a ride down the hill to lunch the other day, the first thing one said when he got in the car was: "Oooh, jeppi!"

A good friend of mine remarked, "Well, I'm not the kind of guy who drives a jeppi," when explaining why he was having such a hard time with the ladies here.

"Oooh, jeppi!"

"Well, I'm not the kind of guy who drives a jeppi."

Meanwhile the car in question is a 1997 Toyota RAV4 with close to 100,000 miles. It's almost 10 years old. It used to be my mom's car. It needs to be vacuumed. It has dings and scratches (as a good jeppi should) and trouble starting when it's been sitting for more than a night. It has a headlight out, and burns a fair amount of oil.



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