föstudagur, október 27, 2006


There's a new nightspot in town, and in a town of not too many nightspots but a lot of nightlife, a new place can sometimes take on an almost mythical status. This one is called Deco, and it's situated in the old Lyf & Heilsa pharmacy spot on Austurstræti. As such, it's positioned to form the third leg of an Ice-yuppie Bermuda Triangle with nightclub Rex just across the street and yup-bar Thorvaldsen almost directly next door. We'll see if any of this comes to fruition as Deco only officially opened last night. (Although I hear the place was actually unofficially open last weekend in time for the Iceland Shamwaves music festival.)

I think Deco shoes some promise, at least from an interior design standpoint. It has a more clean, well-lit and café-like feel than its counterparts in the Triangle. (The club atmosphere of Rex can feel downright sinister on some nights.) But last night's grand opening, even with free beer, seemed to attract a predominantly sausage crowd. Or maybe it was the free beer itself that was the problem. In any event, such was the paucity of females when my two (male) friends and I arrived that we felt as though we were the "fresh meat", getting chatted up by a fat dude from Sauðarkrókur almost immediately. So let's hope the Ratio improves in a normal weekend situation. I think a lot of us are ready for a good new place to add in to the 101 nightlife mix.


Blogger gk said...

I've seen them renevating that place from the window at work. There seems to be an entrance on the Austurvöllur side complete with the type of railing they use to manage the queues at Hressó and Óliver.


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