miðvikudagur, desember 17, 2008


Long-time Iceland Report reader Ian Watson does more than just read the Iceland Report. In his spare time, he writes an excellent website targeted at Icelanders traveling abroad. In his words, "Six months ago, Icelanders still thought it uncool to consider price when purchasing everything from airfares to guidebooks to travel clothing." But with financial reality now once again a reality, it makes sense to not overspend when one heads over the stones. His latest newsletter tackles capital controls, the new entry process to the U.S., and the refusal of Icelandic mobile phone companies to comply with the new law on European roaming charges. (I just got a bill for a handful of calls and SMS messages in France that amounts to the cost of two weeks of groceries.)

A land where commerce is controlled by a handful of monopolies and duopolies needs more consumer-friendly resources like Ferðastofan. Thank you for the good work, Ian.


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