miðvikudagur, október 27, 2004

dead-battery blues

As I was leaving work my car wouldn't start and I'm pretty sure the battery is dead... Árni helped me hill-start it. At first I thought I had just left the lights on, so drove it around for 40 min (halfway to Keflavík) and then went to Þorgeir and Magga's just in case it wouldn't start again, I figured Þorgeir might be able to drive me to get a battery.

Both of their cars were there, but turned out they weren't. And then my car wouldn't start...! So Zofi (of Veska's husband fame) helped me out... did another hill start (this is really fun, using the hill to start the car) this time by myself and got the car back home here. Parked facing downhill on the next street over so that tomorrow I can get the car over to the battery place and drop a load of gold on a battery.


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