miðvikudagur, október 20, 2004

game 7 preview

Well I am gonna stay up tonight and listen to the game. I bought a subscription to Internet radio from mlb.com ($15) and I can hear WEEI in its entirety - local ads for Woburn Toyota included! Makes me feel like I'm at home. Listening to Terry Francona now.

So I'm here in my cozy living room, geothermal radiators on full blast, and the streets quiet outside. I was just peeking outside for the aurora, but the streetlights make it tough to tell. The forecast makes it look like it's right overhead.

It's cold out there, maybe freezing. I spent some time studying at the library tonight. It'll be tough to go to work tomorrow but worth it to hear this game. I guess people in Iceland do this quite a bit for the NBA finals but nobody here seems to care about baseball. :-( I checked around and couldn't find anywhere (hotel or sports bar) to watch the game. Even if I knew someone on the base, it's an hour from here...


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