sunnudagur, september 19, 2004

partying FYI

To answer your booze-related questions, yes it's cheaper in a liquor store, but still pretty expensive. I bought a bottle of Yellowtail Chardonnay here for $21 and when I looked at the same wine in MA it was $7.99. Beer is obscenely expensive - kegs are around $180 and it's not even a full-size American keg, more like a small pony keg. The reason is that the government taxes all booze at like 200-300%, to discourage drinking. But one look at Reykjavik on a Friday night at 2 am, and you can see it isn't working.

People go out here at 12:30-2:30 and then stay out till 5 or 6. In the spring and summer when it's light out early, they stay out even longer. Usually we get together at someone's house at 9 or 10 and have some drinks and then go out after a few hours. It's an amazing party scene, and people dress really well, too. I have been wearing a suit when I go out. That makes it kind of cool, when everyone in the whole place is dressed up.


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