miðvikudagur, mars 23, 2005

missed connection in the globe

The Boston Globe has picked up the story of Elisa and me, and is running it today in the Living/Arts section! How come the Red Sox win the Series, and I get a feature length piece in the Globe, after I leave Boston?


Blogger Ian Spivey said...

That's so awesome. Congratulations to you two on the relationship, craigslist, and Globe successes!

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

I saw it in Starbucks this morning... quite an impressive spread! A multi-page, multi-photo deal with tons of intimate details... anyway, congrats! Hope you guys keep doing well together.

JR Sanchez

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Jared, I hope Elisa will bring a copy of the piece when she moves to Iceland. It was surreal seeing all the play they gave the piece; the online version does not do it justice. I stopped by the Boston/MC board after the article ran and saw a few (ok - 2) posts saying they were inspired by you and Elisa's story. Anyway, thanks for letting me tell your story to the world.


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