fimmtudagur, september 29, 2005

lucky day of the week

When E and I were discussing potential move dates around the company lunch table, one coworker (and subsequent moving champion) told us that it was obligatory that we move on Saturday. He said something like, "That's just the Icelandic way: Saturday for luck." So we took his advice. And turns out he wasn't kidding. There is an Icelandic proverb that ties each day of the week to an outcome. (It seems as though Monday and Tuesday would definitely be right out!) E's coworker gave us the whole list, so here it is:

Mánudagur til mæðu = Monday for trouble

Þriðjudagur til þrautar = Tuesday for pain

Miðvikudagur til morguns = Wednesday for tomorrow

Fimmtudagur til frægðar = Thursday for fame

Föstudagur til fjár = Friday for money

Laugardagur til lukku = Saturday for luck

Sunnudagur til solar = Sunday for sunshine


Anonymous SR said...

"Friday for sheep" would be an equivalent translation and it sounds more Icelandic, doesn't it?

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Well, there probably are different versions of this...
Mánudagur til mæðu (Monday - tiredness)
Þriðjudagur til þrautar (Tuesday - pain or to the extreme)
Miðvikudagur til moldar (Wednesday - mud / earth)
Fimmtudagur til frama (Thursday - advancement)
Föstudagur til fjár (Friday - riches)
Laugardagur til lukku (Saturday - luck)
Sunnudagur til sólar (Sunday - sun)

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

The version I learned as a child is:
Mánudagur til mæðu (Monday - lethargy)
Þriðjudagur til þrautar (Tuesday - problems to overcome)
Miðvikudagur til moldar (Wednesday - back-breaking work)
Fimmtudagur til frægðar (Thursday - fame)
Föstudagur til fjár (Friday - riches)
Laugardagur til lukku (Saturday - luck)
Sunnudagur til sælu (Sunday - happiness)


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