mánudagur, október 31, 2005

the search is over

My work buddy and sometime Iceland Report commenter SR was out with his soccer league buddies on Saturday night. They get together once a year and whichever subset of them played the best gets to keep their league trophy until the next year. They've been passing this same trophy back and forth for five years, but the other night at Mama's Tacos downtown, the guy with the trophy came to the table empty-handed.

"I don't have the trophy cause I gave it to Bobby Fischer," he said.

Nobody believed him. But around the corner from them Fischer and his Japanese wife were indeed munching on Icelandic Mexican food, Fischer the proud new owner of an Icelandic soccer trophy. The soccer hooligans invited the couple to join them, but Fischer demurred and left the restaurant. Later in the evening, though, Fischer and his wife returned to Mama's Tacos, apparently having reconsidered the offer. Fischer sat down with the guys and they hoisted a few beers together. He was nice enough, says SR, who mainly talked to him about soccer. Nobody challenged him to a chess game, which was probably for the best.


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