þriðjudagur, október 25, 2005

swimming in the dark

Last night was my first reminder of how the pools are here in the winter. From the parking lot, the rising steam lit from below makes a low luminous cloud over the entire outdoor pool area. Emerging from the mandatory showers, still wet, walking outside into the 0° air is a quick blast of pain before the scramble into the nearest hot tub, the one right around the corner from the door.

After a few minutes of soaking, walking outside in the cold air is easy, and I'm ready for the lap pool. It's shrouded in low-clinging steam clouds, so that the surface is barely visible. But underwater, even with the dim lights, I can see almost the length of the 50 meters. It's a hidden world down there, the other swimmers lonely companions who can only be seen from the deep. Popping my head up for air, all I can see is fog.


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