föstudagur, október 07, 2005

weekend plan

After the hectic move over the last few weeks, E and I are finally settling back into life. This weekend is going to be the first in many that we'll have time for fun stuff, and nobody's happier about that than me.

Friday after work starts with a trip to the excellent 12 Tónar record store downtown for the Friday concert series. After that we'll get some bad (or maybe good) downtown food and head over to see some kinda crazy Scandinavian-Japanese half-cartoon movie of E's choosing. It's the Reykjavík Int'l Film Festival, after all! After that we're going to our friend's house for her switching-jobs karaoke party, fully stocked with Supertramp songs and mojito mix. If we're not completely dead, we'll succumb to the mounting peer pressure to go downtown at 1 a.m.

But hopefully we don't succumb, because Saturday morning we're hosting Saturday Morning Coffee, bright and early. The rest of Saturday will probably see us wandering around downtown, looking at crazy Icelandic high-fashion cookware and legware. There is a store here (Iða) that sells all manner of wonderfully designed objects; E appears to need to visit said store on a semi-regular basis. And we'll also be making a stop at the pool to let the hot water blast out all the party residue.

Sunday, however, promises to be the Crown Jewel of the weekend. Our friend is taking us up north to Snæfellsnes for the day on a fishing trip. We'll be fly-fishing for trout in a river controlled by his People. If the fish aren't biting this late in the year, we'll go hiking and explore the area. Like many Icelanders, he insists that this place of his is the most beautiful in the Land. I'll let you know if it's true.


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