þriðjudagur, nóvember 29, 2005

little white lights

I just got done outlining our sea-facing windows with little white Christmas lights. New lights are springing up by the day here in people's windows all over town, in all manner of colors. Christmas cheer, on the ramp-up for weeks now, is hitting its early-December level. But more will continue to be added in the next weeks. It's as if the amount of Christmas lights scale up to match the ever deepening darkness.

All the crazy colors in the apartment building windows on the Soviet-Bloc stretch of Kringlumýrabraut prompted E to say, "Wow, I love all these tacky Christmas decorations! It makes me feel like I'm in Malden!"

To which I said, "Well, it makes me feel like I'm in Maudlin."

But seriously, folks, I do love the little white lights.


Blogger Paul said...

I don't get it... (Maudlin)

Blogger JB said...

Check it out.


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