föstudagur, nóvember 04, 2005

til hjólnafarinnar alheimsins

Iceland Report will be down for maintenance over the next week or so, as I am off to Boston. That is, unless I can think of any striking Iceland-New England parallels while there. I'll be taking a training class for my company next week, and seeing my family and friends over the weekend. My suitcase is loaded with Icelandic goodies for transport out of the Skyr Zone. I have a double-wrapped Krónan bag in my suitcase filled with skyr, butter, and þykkmjólk. I have a separate bag filled with all kinds of licorice-derived candies, and a box of Florida candies, too. Icelandic newspapers and gossip magazines for a certain Icelandic Boston-based friend. And of course I have myriad wrapped packages for the family Christmas. Here comes the Hub!


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Too bad for me: i'm getting addicted to this excellent blog! What shall i do without this daily reading? Will epodadventures still be updated? I hope so!!!

Anyway, have fun!
Stéphane www.noisedfisk.com


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