fimmtudagur, janúar 05, 2006

shameless plug

With the exception of some early-on transgressions, I have tried pretty hard to keep The Iceland Report on the topic of Everyman's experience in Iceland. Well, that is Everyman who grew up in Boston and has a strong allegiance to the Red Sox organization. Given these restrictions, it's been hard to write about or link to other things of interest in my life that are non-Iceland-related. (Believe it or not, I don't spend 24 hours a day exclaiming, "Wow! I'm in Iceland!" Even though E does some days. But we're both doing and thinking about other things than mainlining glacier runoff and eating puffins.)

In order to fill this need to write about non-Iceland stuff, I am pleased to announce the publication of a parallel blog, the JB Report. Add it to your Google Reader today!


Blogger Paul said...

What?! Woah! This is BIG NEWS, man. A parallel blog! It's even funnier when you say it in Cheikhna's voice: A parallel blog.

*** PLo gets blown away again ***
And it's been up since Dec 6th?!

btw I had parallel blogs for a while. It's very confusing trying to delineate what sort of post should go in each blog. This is esp true with a long post that seems to have relation to both blogs (and a livejournal too). I guess that's why my blog is all-in-one and all over the place.

bookmarked. good luck!


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