mánudagur, janúar 09, 2006

thanks to the hat

Today on page 6 of Iceland's newspaper of record, the veritable Morgunblaðið, is a full-color picture of me, E, and some of our friends at the "big concert" on Saturday night. It's the main picture for the article about the concert. This now marks the second time that the two of us have appeared in a national newspaper photo here, and this one is a big step up from the tabloid DV where we last appeared. It must have been my giant Iceland-pride stocking cap that swayed the layout editors.

A guest appearance on Kastljósið can't be far away at this rate. We can answer every question with "Gaman að sjá ykkur! Takk fyrir síðast!"


Blogger Iceland Eyes said...

Good for the two of you! What I personally adore about living in Iceland is the "Big Fish in a Small Pond" aspect. The odds of randomly ending up in the media are enormous, and that's when you're not even trying. If you happen to know a journalist or photographer the odds increase dramatically, and if you have something to promote (especially if its just your own personality) media coverage is a sure thing.

Blogger JB said...

Yes, you are quite right there, in fact I almost titled this post "big fish in a small pond" but decided against it for reasons of braggadocio.

I think another advantage of the small society here is that it's always easy to get the information you need, or get something done. It's relatively easy to find the person who knows something or can do something for you. In the U.S., it often takes ten times the effort, or is sometimes downright impossible.

So are you gonna get us on Kastljósið? ;-)

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

you should also let your readers know you and E were featured in a paper in the US too!

braggadocio? - wow.


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