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contest winners

Nobody correctly guessed all 5 of the top 5 countries in this week's contest, but a stunning 3 people got 4 of the 5. You guys are sharp. The top 5 Iceland Report reading countries, by pageload, are:

1. Bandaríkin (United States) 44%
2. Ísland (Iceland) 39%
3. Bretland (United Kingdom) 4%
4. Frakkland (France) 2%
5. Þýskaland (Germany) 2%

Of these three semi-finalists, the person to have the most countries in the right spot on the list (and even she only got 2 of them right!) was Sirrý, so she wins the ERRÓ grand prize, easily beating her brother Magnús who, though he also guessed 4 of 5, had no countries in the right rank on the list. Linguaphile came in second by this criteria.

Nobody playing guessed France, and our friends in Frakkland rank fourth. My "ringer" Nick didn't get any points for his lackluster guessing of territories and tiny nation-states. No, Nick, I don't get a lot of readers from the Holy See.

Stateside, we had a tie between New York reader Cahmen and Boston-based Britzy. They each got three of the five states right, correctly guessing the top two:

1. Massachusetts: the hometown boys come through for Iceland Report
2. New York: some 212 wanderlust, perhaps
3. Alaska: (!) maybe the powerful Connection of the Northern Peoples?
4. California: because it's a big place
5. Virginia: unexpected, I know, but there it is

I'm gonna come up with a special states prize, so will you three winners email me your addresses? And thanks for playing, everyone. Enjoy your collective weekend.


Blogger Jens said...

Virginia! Are you sure it isn't West Virginia :0 I have been reading your blog religiously for more than a year now. I am a Scandinavian living in the US, and really enjoy your observations on subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences.

Morgantown, WV

Anonymous linguaphile said...

Ah! I should have guessed that Iceland was #2. But France?? A lovely place, but not one I think of as being full of fans of Iceland. Interesting...

Blogger Byron said...

Hey J
first off an apology - this has nothing to do with the contest or the current post, but I think you'll like it. A friend sent me this link - the music is good, and the guy is from Isafjordur! (You probably know him already, in which case I'll shut up and stop getting excited..) Also, second Italian lesson coming tomorrow, despair not :-)

Anonymous Sirry said...

I actually used my knowledge from working at Immigration long long time ago in Iceland.
The most common visitors to Iceland are

Now I will admit I thought Norwegians would be more interested in Iceland and more capable of reading your blog as it's in English. I didn't put a lot of confidence into the French and them reading to much English. Yes I'm adimiting to my ignorance
But I love the french, especially the red wine they make and excellent cheeses mmmmmmmm

But thanks J, I'm totally excited and thrilled with my Erro price!!

Blogger steffán said...

Well, I should have played! I'm probably one of those responsible for the results, you know... I'm from France and even though sirry is right (when he says "I didn't put a lot of confidence into the French and them reading too much English") I must say that there are plenty of Iceland fans down there...
And i'd be interested to know how many visitors you have, Jared: I mean, do you have something like 10 visitors a day and 1 from France? (in that case, it must be me)

Blogger JB said...

The exact number of visitors to Iceland Report is, of course, classified. But if you were to guess something around a thousand pageloads a week, you wouldn't be far off the mark. Those come from around 50-100 regular or semi-regular readers and a lot of wackos searching for "skyr yogurt".

Anonymous carmen said...

Damn! thwarted by Alaska and Virginia. But still ever so grateful to win! I'd like to thank my mother, my first-grade teacher who showed me all the states in the Union, and JB for creating the Internet and the Iceland Report along with it. :-D

Blogger EnuhCorK said...

I wonder...the reason Virginia is showing up may be due to AOL users lovin' the ICE bloggie.

1. Yes, people still use AOL.
2. All AOL users have the same IP address.
3. That IP address is tied to their corporate headquarters address in Dulles, VA.

How 'bout cha?

Blogger JB said...

I do have a couple of AOL readers at the moment. But their location shows up as something close to their physical location, I believe. I'll check it out next time, thanks for the tip.


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