þriðjudagur, febrúar 14, 2006

new contest!

...or "samkeppni", for those of you learning Icelandic.

So, now that the Iceland Report is an international phenomenon, I am curious if you can guess the top 5 countries in terms of Iceland Report readership, as measured in pageloads. U.S.-based readers, if you feel uncomfortable with this level of geographic knowledge of areas outside the good ole US of A, you may instead say what you think are the top 5 reading states.

The contest will remain open until Friday at noon Iceland time (GMT), when whoever is closest will receive a small reproduction artwork by renowned Icelandic painter ERRÓ. The winner of the last contest, A. Rossini, of New York, NY, was quite happy with his prize. Leave your answers in the Comments below.


Anonymous Nick said...

Let's see, fresh with knowledge from the Olympics, I'm gonna go with:

1. Greenland
2. San Marino
3. Malta
4. Holy See
5. Andorra

Did I win? Was I right? Did I win?

Cardiff, Wales, UK

Anonymous Johan Bergman said...

1. USA
2. Iceland
3. UK
4. Canada
5. Sweden

Anonymous Johnny Damon said...

1. USA
2. Iceland
3. UK
4. Denmark
5. Italy

6. Germany (added bonus?)

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

1 US
2 Iceland
3 Denmark
4 Sweden
5 UK


Anonymous linguaphile said...

Okay, thinking about the popularity of Iceland...
1. US
2. UK
3. Iceland
4. Germany
5. Japan

Anonymous carmen said...

1. iceland
2. us
3. uk
4. denmark
5. sweden

and because i think you should never buy just one lottery ticket:
1. massachusetts
2. ny
3. connecticut
4. maryland/dc area
5. california

and not that I am trying to influence the judging in any way [>cough<] but i WILL be in reykjavik this weekend and could pick up my prize in person, saving you the postage, if i just so, er, happened to be correct.

Blogger JB said...

Carmen, I'll let you know Friday. But since meeting IR readers when they come to Reykjavík seems to be the new thing (and an unanticipated cool feature of writing this blog), let me know if you want to get together "irregahdless" of the contest outcome. You can drop me an email via the Profile page.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Admiral J

Couldn't let this one pass :)

1. Iceland
2. USA
3. Germany
4. U.K.
5. Sweden

Kapitan J

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

NO FAIR! jj already hacked your blog stats and knows the answer. He then aggregated the data and sent it to all Boston area restaurants for marketing purposes. OK, inside joke a little bit. Took too far.

1. USA (the list just looks funny without USA as #1, jk)
2. Iceland (your devoted local readership)
3. Sweden (I always meet a Swede when outside of the US)
4. Canada (Maybe I'm overestimating, but they have those flags on their backpacks)
5. UK (for proximity)

1. Massachusetts
2. New York
3. California
4. New Jersey
5. Vermont


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

1. USA (your family and the rest of us wishing to return)
2. Iceland
3. UK (met 2 women from Wales at the Blue Lagoon)
4. Denmark
5. Finland (met a delightful family from Finland staying at our hotel)


Anonymous SB said...

1. USA
2. Ísland
3. Norge
4. Þýskaland
5. UK

1. MA
2. VT
3. NY
4. CT
5. MD


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