miðvikudagur, mars 08, 2006

passing boston

Just a couple months ago it was so dark that the sunrise was happening right before lunch and sunset during the afternoon foosball hour. But since then we've been adding daylight at the amazing (but not unprecedented) rate of almost 7 minutes a day, and E tells me that today is the day when we surpass Boston and our total light exceeds here the light there by a minute or two. But Iceland won't quit, it'll just keep piling on the light at 7 minutes a day, until it's just light all the time, which starts sometime in May.

But even today, the amount of light is heavenly. No pun intended. Well, ok, maybe pun intended. First light at 7:23 this morning and it'll stay light all the way until 7:54 this evening. Það kemur í ljós.


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