mánudagur, febrúar 27, 2006

'twas my lucky bun day

Hard to believe that it's already my second Bun Day (Bolludagur) here in the Land. But so it is. In a few short minutes, the eating of giant cream-filled "buns" will commence in the company kitchen, with the requisite coffee accompaniment, and for just a few short minutes we'll all be like carefree kids again. Not that many people here don't seem fairly carefree most of the time, or at least by comparison to my old American workplace.

It's close to the start of Lent today, and Bun Day is the first in the "Holy Trinity" of Icelandic Lenten holdidays: Bolludagur - Sprengidagur - Öskudagur. That's bun day - explosion day (explosion day: Iceland's take on Mardi Gras when you eat until you explode) - ash day (Ash Wednesday). Bring on the buns!


Blogger JB said...

Bun Day update: man those "buns" are amazing. They are more cream-puff than bun. I had a strawberry-frosted bun and a powdered-sugar bun, each stuffed with real whipped cream. (There's not a lot of "fake" dairy in Iceland.) There is so much whipped cream involved that it just goes everywhere as you try to wolf the buns down. Good stuff.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Man, I miss those Icelandic buns!!! I think I'm going to Carberries in Cambridge to see if they have some? I wonder....mmmmmm
I miss em!

Now that is a fantastic reason to move to Iceland ;D "Bun Day"

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Bun with caramel and banana cream.... who can resist that?



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