þriðjudagur, september 05, 2006

lög og regla

I've deleted a couple of reader comments recently, something I never feel good about. I deleted them not because they were full of Færoese cuss words, but because they were direct requests/questions to me that were unrelated to the posts they followed. The user profile page helpfully includes an email address for me, right below the töffari beach picture. I feel that email is a better medium for personal questions and requests for employment.

Which brings me to email. I love getting your emails and I answer 100% of them. It is reader comments and emails that keep me inspired to write the IR. The best emails come either from long-time readers who have decided at long last to introduce themselves or from new hyper-enthusiastic readers who have sat down one unproductive Friday at work and read the whole blog front-to-back. My heart goes out to you guys. Then lower on the reader-email totem pole comes a variation on the classic:

Hey, found your blog yesterday and skimmed 2-1/2 entries. Good stuff. I'll be in Iceland next week for a 1-day weekend and really want to know what's the best stuff to do on that tiny island! Can you send me a bulleted list of all your secret favorite spots? Or, better yet, book them as meetings in my Outlook Calendar?

Believe it or not, I answer them too. But I never spell the secret-spots beans. And I usually recommend buying a guidebook. Fodor's Uptight Reyjavik in 20 Gore-Texed Hours.


Blogger Annie said...

Dude. I was joking. I have my own job, thanks.


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