föstudagur, apríl 20, 2007

call to the readership

...if you're still there, that is.

Well, here it is: the Peeps are demanding a continuation to the IR, but I find myself at a crossroads. Much of what I thought was fresh and new when I came to Iceland has now become just part of my daily life here. So the perspective of the outsider has shifted as I've become more and more an insider. Things that used to strike me as 100% Wacko-Jacko (like paying $30 for a $6 bottle of wine or a national obsession with song contests at every societal level) now just seem completely normal to me. In some ways I have lost the ability to see things with fresh eyes as Iceland has become my home and my society. Traveling to the United States is now the thing that shocks me, and when the plane touches back down in Keflavík it's always with a sense of relief.

I mean, I have a few ideas floating around in my head, but what do you want to hear about? All you Iceland dreamers, all you Icelandic locals, all you "long-time-readah, no-time-commentah" lurkers from faraway lands: what is it that you want to know about life in the Land? Maybe that'll get the muses singing again.


Anonymous Janni said...

I'm a new reader (planning my second Iceland trip in a few months), and mostly I guess I'm just enjoying the day to day life stuff--whether you feel you're coming at it with an insider's or an outsider's perspective. I'm interested in seeing what real life looks like, beyond the bits and pieces I saw as a tourist. (And thank you for sharing them until now, whatever you decide to do next!)

Anonymous Audi said...

Hey, I would be interested to see that post we discussed about the Icelandic dating behavior :)

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Talk about the fish museum near keflavik, out near nowhere.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

I second audi's suggestion. Let the readership have a more intimate view of Icelandic society.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Dating, your daily life, Heat, How to crash your best friend wedding..... You name it!

Just continue with your dumb ass blogg.


Blogger EnuhCorK said...

To me, you have a great angle. From comments I have read, many of your blog readers are looking for information about the land of Ice before they visit. Maybe you can write about places that you enjoy as an 'insider' that would appeal to outsiders.

Blogger EnuhCorK said...

To me, you have a great angle. From comments I have read, many of your blog readers are looking for information about the land of Ice before they visit. Maybe you can write about places that you enjoy as an 'insider' that would appeal to outsiders.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

A blog does not have to be about extraordinary events to be interesting. I occasionally dream of leaving this rat race and move to a more quiet place that values family and quality of life.
Besides, life in a country that has fewer inhabitants that most medium-sized towns in the US is bound to have aspects that are unique, in the day to day living. Plus, life in a place that goes from an almost continuous night to an almost continuous day must lead to other, yearly, adaptations.
I think I started reading your "report" to see whether it would really be a better fit for me and aspects of life I value.

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

What about a post about the "intimacy" of Icelandic society that we talked about? It's something that has most struck me and it continues to reach across the Atlantic to me every day.


Blogger Geo said...

What shocks you about returning to the U.S. so that you feel relieved to return to the land of ice?

Blogger mindy said...

Dating. Talk about the dating. Seriously, the people want to know. And it IS different from the dating here in the ol' US, from my limited experience anyway.

Blogger Farbror Willy said...

If you need inspiration félagi, then another dirty weekend in Akureyri is excactly what you need...

Blogger cK said...

I don't know so much about sticking to an original mission. I think that's the mistake many bloggers make: they use what is a point or origin as a long-term limitation.

I did once change blogs, but that was because my co-blogger fell from the scene.

I think the IR still applies, even as you're an insider now. That perspective is interesting too (especially because you write in English). Even as you report what may seem commonplace to you, those of us on the outside will get to learn things.

Plus, I find it interesting to read how one encounters something for, say, the third time. The way you look at it differently. You see.

I've written too much. But the point is: I hope you keep chronicling your time.

(From time to time, I should note, I think about the anecdote of the cookies left untouched on the office table by your polite co-workers. I even recounted it to someone. I don't know why I find that so funny. But I do.)

Blogger JB said...

Thanks to everyone for the support and ideas. I have a few good ones now so we'll see what happens.

Janni: Welcome to Café IR. And thanks!

Audi: I think it's still to raw to talk about, I'm pretty broken-hearted still. Maybe down the line when I can do it with less of a personal attachment.

Nafnlaus: Yeah! The Cod Museum in Grindavík. I've always wanted to go.

Nafnlaus II: See Audi.

Neal: On this one, you're on your own.

Enuhcork: Maybe I can tell them about our twin malls, Kerlinglan and Smárapakk. Actually a Mall Review and cross-reference with Burlington Mall might actually be good.

Nafnlaus III: Amen, nafnlaus. Just from what you wrote it sounds like you might like it here better than wherever it is that you are. (Anytown, USA?)

Sue: Excellent idea. We need to talk more about that. And thanks for being one of the SuperReaders who's actually become a good friend!

Geo: So many things. But one of them is just general noise level and amount of daily distractions and "overhead" that must be navigated just to exist there.

Mindy: See Audi. But well, one thing I learned is that "dating" as we know it is pretty much an American concept. We Americans have all these rules and socialization around meeting and courting and we all know them to a greater or lesser degree because we've been practicing them since we were age 12 or so. But out in the big world, many of those assumptions are pretty much out the window. And sometimes one has to learn that the hard way...

Ultimate Tíu Þúsund: I keep checking the airfares every day and they're not coming down. I would really like to go on a skíðaferð but not sure I can do it.

CK: Thanks, these are excellent points. And really, thanks for all of your support over the years. You're one of the top readers of the IR. If the IR was handing out Readership Oscars, you'd be thanking your mom and some obscure Hollywood-insider acting coach right about now...

Blogger Kristen said...

I have no particular topic requests. If I did, they would probably have to do with the geology of Iceland (and now I feel way nerdy). I just really like your style of writing and would probably still read this blog if you catalogued the different types of lint you've found in a day. And now I feel even more nerdy.

Blogger New in Swampscott said...


Got the blogger burnout? Just reduce your number of postings and stick with it. It can be pretty therapeutic, and you'll miss it if you shut it down.

I started blogging about my new town and it's largely based on the style of your blog. Sure, it takes away from the amount of time I'm spending on my screenplay, but it's a great outlet.

And by the way, 'you don't have the guts or the brains to fly fighter planes.' Know what I'm sayin'.


Blogger JB said...

"I been in two world wars, been to China and back, seen alien vis'ters. They appreciate a good shoeshine."

Good to have you, Swampscott. But still trying to figure out who you are and what exactly is your connection to Hank Bolax.

Blogger JB said...

Oh, I think I know who you are...

Cluck cluck cluck.


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