föstudagur, desember 01, 2006

keflavík carwash

Today I'm taking my car to the KEF Carwash. It is, I believe, unique in the world: a multi-day car wash and wind treatment. You choose the time span: the longer the wash, the more you pay. While you wait for your car to get cleaned, you have the option of several places to travel.

So while trusty old RZ is getting blasted by the wind and rain of southwest Iceland, I'll be living out my childhood dream of driving the Autobahn in a fast new car. Later I'll be living out the less dreamy situation of trying to cross into the Czech Republic late at night in a car with German plates, holding an American passport and an Icelandic drivers license. Wish me luck.


Blogger JDK said...

it took me four readings to get the joke.

Blogger videlectrix said...

It took me three readings, including your comment, to get the joke. And I've been to the car wash, like, 4 times now.

Blogger Fairy said...

...there's a joke? XD

Blogger JB said...

This was an intentionally obscure post, but perhaps too obscure. Yep, the "Car Wash" refers to the long term parking lot at Keflavík International Airport.

As I learned, though, the car wash works best when your car is not tightly sandwiched between even larger SUVs.

Blogger Fairy said...

thank you for explaining XD

Blogger m said...

It only took me two times reading this to get it. But I must admit - quite clever.

Blogger Northern musings said...

My car was in the same car wash - started on 1 dec and finished on 8 dec... also had a great autobahn experience of my own with a wonderful car from budget in hahn... were we on the same flight? Nevertheless my car was perfectly quick frozen and took 15 minutes to defrost - was happy though that the door opened and I did not require an ice pick to wedge my way in... love your blog by the way... if ever you in in S´krok be sure to let us know - i´ll shout you a beer!


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