miðvikudagur, ágúst 25, 2004

Billy C

Billy Clinton was downtown here yesterday, and he stopped at this tiny hot dog stand that everyone goes to after going clubbing all night and bought a dog. It was all over the news. McCain swam in the Blue Lagoon, too.

Thing was, I was about a block from that hot dog stand at the same time as he was, and didn´t even look over there...


Blogger m said...

Man! I miss that hotdog stand...I miss Icelandic hotdogs. Random, but I do.

Blogger JB said...

It's not that random. They are quite good, and even Mr. President himself remarked that it was a good dog. (Then he ended up having that heart surgery just a few weeks after.)

That stand, called "Bæjarins bestu" (roughly "Best in Town") is slated to get torn down soon as Reykjavík converts its working Old Harbor into a concert hall. So better come back and get one "með öllu" while you still can.


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