föstudagur, nóvember 05, 2004

a tough teachah?

Last night I was at the hot tubs at one of the RVK swimming pools and what did I hear but something that sounded so musical, so lilting... so much like Mrs. Doherty, my "fohth" grade teacher... it was two elem "teachahs" from Massachusetts! Here on vacation, gabbing in the hot tub. I talked to them for a long while. The older one was "retiyahed" but had just done a stint in Lowell working with "Pohchagese" kids. They were nice people, and so nice to talk to. At one point, they spiraled off into giving directions in "Nohton" Mass, one was saying, "at the second settah lights, offa one-fohty? peyast the honeydew donuts?" I told them they had to stop that talk, it was making me homesick.

The funny thing was, we had a rotating audience of Icelanders with us in the "hot pot" and they seemed to be listening intently to our conversation. Cause I was talking about what it was like to live here for me and they were cooing about how much they loved the vacation here. Icelanders are not used to thinking of their country as something that other people might like... but it was odd for me to be answering all these questions about Iceland, its language and history and climate, in front of a panel of 5 Icelanders, all listening intently.


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