mánudagur, febrúar 07, 2005

bun day

Well, today is something called Shrove Monday in English. For you non-Lenten-types, this is the Monday before Ash Wednesday, and a time to confess your sins. But in Iceland they have their own spin on it, of course. Here they call it Bolludagur, or Bun Day. I was expecting some kind of dry floury dinner rolls, but instead our human resources guy just wheeled in two 24-count crates of fresh-made cream-filled chocolate-covered eclairs, each the size and heft of a small dog. Work came to a halt, everyone made themselves coffee at the machine, sat down around the kitchen table, rehashed the weekend, and wolfed down a couple pastries apiece.

I got to thinking, maybe this Bun Day tradition explains the following Spinal Tap lyrics, from their perennial favorite "Big Bottom":

I met her on Mon-day
'Twas my lucky Bun Day
You know what I mean...

Who knew I had to move to Iceland for the final obscure Spinal Tap reference to fall into place?

Tomorrow is "explosion day". I'll let you know how that goes.


Blogger EnuhCorK said...

Now I do 'know what he means'...

Here I was thinking it was a poor attempt at rhyming with 'Monday'.

Well, Spinal Tap is from England...maybe we would know about Bun Day if we lived on the European continent.



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