miðvikudagur, apríl 27, 2005

cadillac 1

I left my house tonight to drive downtown and just as I turned at the end of my block I noticed a shiny black 80s Caddy parked on the sidewalk. There aren't many shiny black 80s GM products in Iceland, and this one was sporting the license plate "1", had an Icelandic flag flying from the hood, and a chauffeur biding his time in the front.

It was the car of the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. He was probably paying a state visit to his daughter who lives in my neighborhood (and who has even been invited to Saturday Morning Coffee). I shouldn't be so surprised to see his car after literally brushing into him at a Sigur Rós show, but still. Something about the limo of a NATO head of state idling near my house still strikes me as special.


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