fimmtudagur, apríl 28, 2005


One reason my posts have been a little thin these last few weeks is that my mom and dad were visiting Iceland. We had a really great time together here, and you can now see a few new pictures from our overnight trip to Snæfellsnes, a massive peninsula that juts out 60 miles into the Atlantic a few hours' drive north of Reykjavík.

Snæfellsnes is the setting for the beginning of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, and also said by some to be one of the great mystical places on the earth. Nothing terribly miraculous happened to us, except that we got close to some seals, almost got blown off the road by 60-mph wind gusts, and watched some fishermen unloading tons of fish in wind so strong we could barely open the car doors.

Thanks to our hosts Jónina and Guðmundur at the Ytri-Tunga farm for welcoming us into their house and cooking such a delicious dinner.


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