miðvikudagur, ágúst 17, 2005


E and I were joking about our neighbor Björk making herself breakfast and singing to herself:

I can sense it
Something important
About to happen ...

... while she waited for the toast to pop up. This image still makes me chuckle.

But Björk, if for some reason you're reading this wacky drivel and you'd like to stop by for the next laugardagsmorgunkaffi, consider yourself invited. We won't even ask you to sing for us if you stop at Björnsbakari on your way over and pick up some vínbrauð.


Anonymous S said...

Hey JB, you know how to look for people through þjóðskrá :D
I'd say look Bjork up and invite her too to your Laugardagsmorgunkaffi.
You know, with your luck (and I'm seriou now) She might even show up one morning
That'd be pretty crazy....but these things tend to happen in your life.
Just an idea ;D

Blogger JB said...

I was hoping to run into her someday in Mélabúðin while she was picking out indie-grown organic rugbrauð and invite her.

Or maybe see her in the feitum pottum at Vesturbæjarlaug nextdoor.


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