þriðjudagur, október 04, 2005

frequent sleeper silver

It appears as though the Republic of Iceland has decided to upgrade my Frequent Sleeper membership to Silver Level. For my first year and change here I have been a Bronze member. New immigrants who come here get automatically enrolled in the Frequent Sleeper program at the Bronze level (the immigration office also calls it a C-visa) and then have the possibility to upgrade to Silver after one year of living here. When I applied for a second year of residence, the membership office again granted me the Bronze pass. No good, I thought, I want 25% Sleeper bonus and free drink coupons! So I asked my HR guy who called up the customer service center and appealed on my behalf. "J is a good kid, and wants to keep living here in Iceland, he needs the Silver!" I heard him say. Apparently it worked. I went down to the (usually scary) membership office (known locally as Útlendingastofnun) and a nice lady there asked me to fill out the Frequent Sleeper application again (I'm getting good at those!) and told me the fulfillment office (also called Lögreglustöð) would be able to "bump me up" soon.

The main benefit of Silver-level membership in the Iceland Club is that holding it for 3 years allows you to "go for the Gold". With Gold, you never have to apply for membership again, and you're on track for the ultimate in perks: the Platinum level. This is the level that Icelanders get at birth and Bobby Fischer gets through the Alþing. With Platinum membership in the Frequent Sleeper Club, you get the right to vote and a shiny new passport too. And, best of all, you never have to file another IRS form 1040 again.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

I'm rooting for you the whole way J.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Then I hope you are ok with not coming to the US for more than 30 days in a year for the 10 years after you give up your citizenship baby! (unless you don't come for 30 days a year in the prior 10 years!)

But, hey, if you don't like it here, I say more power to you - and applaud your efforts to find a home that suits you!


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Stjórnandi bloggs hefur fjarlægt þessi ummæli.


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