mánudagur, október 31, 2005

liquid assets

We had some extra booze left over from Saturday's big party. A whole 18 Budweisers, in fact. (The original Budweiser, brewed in south Bohemia, not the copycat watery American version. But I'll leave that topic for the forthcoming Czech Report.) Now 18 beers may not seem like a lot to you outlandish readers, but here those beers are each like a block of gold. A fully fungible asset, each gleaming can. So exchangeable, in fact, that the state-run booze stores will take them back and issue a 100% refund. So on the way home from work today, E and I stopped off at the gleaming Smáralind booze store and while E perused the hot schnapps selection, I explained my situation to the elderly cashier. Within half a minute, I was walking out the door, 3582 krónur back in my pocket. That's $58.54. Blocks of gold, each and every one.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

I'm a-Pauled. I can't believe the conversion rate is so crazy.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

And I can't believe they sell used beer. What if you poisoned it?

Blogger JB said...

PL: Blame the US government for insane deficit spending.

Anonymous: How could I poison it? It's all sealed up in aluminum cans.


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