fimmtudagur, desember 01, 2005


The concert gods are smiling down on Iceland. I just received word of, and bought tickets to, a charity concert that's gonna happen here in January. Some featured artists, Power-Point style:
  • Múm: I think they play a lot of horns and chimes and things.
  • Damien Rice: Some whiny singer guy.
  • Sigur Rós: Their name means "Victory Flower", or something. Other than that I don't know much about them.
  • Hjálmar: Icelandic reggae, early-70s-style. Surprisingly good.
  • Ghostdigital: Ex-Sugarcube Einar Örn's band. His co-collaborator Bibbi got me into a Sigur Rós show once.
  • Egó: Band of Bubbi Morthens, the Icelandic Elvis/Lennon figure.
  • Björk Guðmundsdóttir: Yeah, that Björk. She had a couple of medium-sized hits.
Anyway, that's some of the lineup. And holy mackerel, what a lineup. Is there any band missing? Maybe Aerosmith. They should try to get them added in. Other than that, I think it's perfect.


Blogger Byron said...

ended up here randomly and really enojyed reading about your life in Iceland, a place I'd love to visit soon. Also, I saw Sigur Ros here in London a few weeks ago. They played a wonderful show and I can't wait for their return in March. I can't hide a bit of jealousy for your going to the charity event - Mum and Bjork are also amongst my favourites, and Damien Rice isn't that bad, don't worry :-)
Take care.

Blogger Moxx said...

I'm going to see Sigur Ros for the first time on Valentines Day. I really enjoy their stuff. I've heard it's like no other live show out there. i strongly suggest downloading a few songs just to try them out before the show. their stuff is very subtle sometimes, its always better to get to know a few tunes before you go.
Have fun!

Blogger JB said...

Hi Moxx,

Thanks for reading. If you look at the post below this one, you'll see that I was just at a Sigur Rós show here in Iceland. My 9th in fact. :-) I've seen them now in 3 countries and even helped carry their equipment offstage once. You'll really enjoy your first show and never be quite the same afterwards... one show isn't enough.

Bestu kveðjur,

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Stjórnandi bloggs hefur fjarlægt þessi ummæli.

Blogger WonderGirl said...

Sounds like a great show! Wish we were there!

And I kinda like Damian Rice too. Its the Irish thing, natch!



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