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coming out of the blogset

When I started Iceland Report back in the halcyon days of 2004, I decided to keep my name off of it. I wanted to remain anonymous, but I think that had to do more with not trusting the quality of what I was writing than anything else. But recently I was inspired by my friend PLo over at Paul-ossities to drop the carefully preserved anonymity. Who needs it? Many of you regulars already know who I am anyway. And now you Icelandic readers who don't already know me can look me up in Þjóðskrá and get my kennitala. Woo-hoo!

One thing I would love more of is comments. So, how about this: if you're a repeat visitor and reading this now, drop in a quick "hi" (or "hæ" if you're Icelandic) below and let me know you're out there, where you're reading from, and, if you're really feeling creative, what is it about reading about life in Iceland that you find so appealing. I am especially curious about this last one. And thanks for reading! -Jared


Blogger ECS said...

as exciting as the unveiling of Mr Big's name in sex and the city... I have been wondering who you are for the longest time.

I read the Icelandreport because it covers everything that the JB Report missed.

Anonymous Johan said...

I'm one of your readers. Why? I think Iceland is an interesting place.

Greetings from Sweden.

Anonymous Christian said...

Hallo (uit Nederland),

I came across your Iceland report somewhere while searching for news from Iceland. About a year ago, I had my first Sigur Rós experience, the beginning of a whole course of events related to Iceland, eventually resulting in an internship in Reykjavík next September.

So, now I'm following your reports to get a hint of what's expecting me in a half year.

Anonymous Eiríkur said...

I live in Akureyri at the moment while waiting for my apartment in 101 to become free. I came to your blog by fallowing a link in the blog of my niece,
María Alva. I like to get an outsiders take on Iceland, because "Glöggt er gests augað". I saw your photo in the Morgunblaðið yesterday, which puzzled me a lot, as your "gigantic Iceland pride stocking cap" is in the national colours of Norway. Maybe you would care to explain?

Anonymous Angel said...

Just found you through Alda Kalda's sight. I am an American living in Iceland as well, I like to read how others deal with life in Iceland. As I just found your blog I will most likely become a devoted reader. Keep bloggin!

Anonymous Alex said...

Hi there. Reading from Los Angeles, California. Been to Iceland twice, including Husavik & Kirkjabarkluster (sorry if that's spelled wrong) and think that Iceland is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world.

There are a couple of Icelandic blogs I've been reading regularly while plotting my next trip over there and one of them linked to your blog, so I started reading it as well.

And Happy New Year plus 10 days!

Blogger JB said...

ECS, thanks! My real name is actually "Chris Noth".

Johan, thanks for reading. Now that my company is Swedish-owned, I'm gonna have to start learning some Swedish.

Christian, my first Sigur Rós experience was on my first visit to Iceland, listening to them on the upstairs couch of the 12 Tónar music store. That visit and that music kicked off my Iceland obsession, which ultimately resulted in a dvalarleyfi.

Sæll og velkominn Eiríkur! Þú þarft að koma í laugardagsmorgunkaffi þegar þú ert aftur í 101-ið! Ég breytti undirtitil fyrir þig. :-) Og ég var í íslandshufu, en ljósin frá sviðinu vöru blá í þessari mynd.

I was actually wearing an Iceland-flag hat, but the blue lights off the stage in the picture made the colors shift.

Angel, I just read a few posts and I'll be checking your Iceland-blog regularly.

Alex, have you been to the West Fjords? I would recommend that for your next adventure.

Blogger JB said...

P.S. I know there are a lot of other lurkers out there. Come on in from the cold! Warm yourself by the fire! Say a quick hello!

Blogger steffán said...

Since you ask... Hello! Like most of the others who posted comments, i went to Iceland once, for the Airwaves Festival last year. I just fell in love with this exciting country (and sooo different). Reading this blog (and others from Iceland) is a way for me to keep in touch with (and often discover) Icelanders, with the icelandinc way of life, with the icelandic culture...
Moreover, I've been writing silly articles for several months for Noisedfisk (www.noisedfisk.com), a blog dedicated to nordic culture... And reading this blog of yours is a source of inspiration, undoubtedly.
Keep the icelandic faith!!!

Anonymous Jessica said...

Hi Jared, this is Jessica. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I love it. I'm a writer and for some reason reading about cold places helps me get unstuck sometimes. Maybe because I live in Atlanta and my blood is a thousand degrees year-round? No idea.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your part of the world - it's always a good read.

Blogger Moxx said...

Hi Jared,
Name's Jason and i live in Nashville, way down in the dirty dirty. I've always been fascinated by Iceland but when i found sigur ros it really kicked it in for me. i love to read about people living in exotic places and your blog is so well written that i'm hooked.

Blogger The Prima said...

hæ Jared!
I'm glad my post inspired you! And kick ass that readers have replied saying that they're out there. I have a reader from Nashvhille too

Nice icon photo too.

Also, I enjoyed seeing the word "paul-ossities" written as a hyperlink on someone else's post. What a rush!

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...


Cluckin' like a chicken from West Newton, Mass, USA.

Anonymous Alex said...


I haven't been to the West Fjords (yet), but they've been on the top of the list since the last trip!

Blogger JB said...

Jessica and Moxx, welcome! I didn't know I had such support in the South! It's funny to read about other people getting interested in Iceland and Sigur Rós as part of the same process.

PLo, I kinda liked the old PLo-ossities name, but I know you're trying to take things in a different direction.

Br*tz! Cluck cluck cluck...

Alex, let me know if you want any West Fjords travel tips. You have to be very careful driving there if it's anything but the summer... it's the most remote place in Iceland, the roads are mostly unpaved, and you can sometimes drive for hours without seeing another car, or an inhabited dwelling.

Anonymous Ita said...


I´m a polish girl living in Denmark, fascinated with nordic countries, especially Iceland. Never been there, but dreaming about it. Reading your blog makes me feel a little like being there... Thanks for that!

Blogger EnuhCorK said...

Doodimus...I love the ICE. I should go back and edit my Christmas day post.


Anonymous Bill B. said...

Sael Jared,

I am a Boston based Icelandophile. My wife thinks I am obsessed, and she's right. My first, and currently only visit to the Land was on my honeymoon in 2001. It blew me away. I have toyed with the idea of becoming an ex-pat, but that is more than a little impractical. *sigh* So, I attempt to live vicariously through those that are there by reading blogs.

I have started learning Icelandic and hope to visit again before the end of this summer.


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