föstudagur, mars 17, 2006

the dead blog

I am posting this now, but you are definitely not reading it now because Iceland Report has been dead for more than 12 hours to this point. Blogger is having some kind of massive server problems, with an entire file server brought to its knees. It couldn't come at a worse time; Friday afternoons are typically a boon for Iceland Report traffic, as all of you hard-working readers look for ways to while away the time until the work whistle blows. And because of our international readership here at IR, from Australia to India to Europe to Iceland to the west coast of America, that innocent concept of "Friday afternoon" is in actuality a massive behemoth that spans an incredible 23 hours. And more than half of that beautiful international Friday afternoon has now disappeared. I only hope Blogger figures out what's ailing it soon.

Have a happy weekend! Góða helgi!


Blogger JB said...

It's Sunday and there are still "lingering" problems with the blog that should go away in the next few days as Blogger moves this blog and many others off the bad machine and onto good machines. I wonder why they didn't have a parallel fileserver in Jersey that their datacenter could just switch on. That would have fixed it.

Anyway if you see something funny, just refresh the page and that should clean it up.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

...welcome back! I was concerned that we might have lost you forever, but your blog appears to be fully restored- there is a classic short story by E.M. Forster- The Machine Stops that comes to mind in situations like this.


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