föstudagur, mars 10, 2006

an iceland report retrospective

Iceland Report started out as a pretty small-timey affair. People in Boston (and elsewhere in the States) kept asking me the same questions over and over about living in Iceland*, and so I decided to start answering them en masse, at first through the 1995-era technology of the cc: field, and subsequently through newfangled new-century blog technology. To be honest, I at first found the word "blog" reprehensible and disgusting, and it was this revulsion that kept me from starting a blog earlier.

But now that I've learned how to stop worrying and love the blog, Iceland Report seems to be jam-packed with new readers, and adding a few every day. I think it's time to trundle out some of the old favorites for you new kids, just so you get some damn roots, and pay the dues that the longtime regulars long ago paid. Here they are, chronologically, and also in ascending order of quality:

fresh off the airplane
lowell, iceland
saved by the swimming pool
sheep eye for the new guy
really 50
south coast travelogue
oakland, iceland
funny names
swimming in an empty pool
jersey ed
american style!
christmas revels

Enjoy! And to "duglegir" readers: let me know your favorites, either within these 14 or others you think I should have included.

* "Isn't it too cold there?" "What about the polar bears?" "Do people drive there?" "Is there an escalator in your igloo?" On and on, ad nauseum.


Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

I don´t know about yours, but my igloo has got 2 elevators!!!

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Thank you for these links. My favorite is the one about the trip to the south coast

Blogger Professor Batty said...

...had to chuckle when reading the "American Style" post. I had touched on that subject a little in a post of mine. The ice cubes and tongs had me wondering also...


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