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your questions

I get a lot of blog hits through Google searches, and a lot of those hits seem to be the same questions over and over again. To answer all of your common questions about Iceland (and other wacky topics previously covered on IR), here is the very first Iceland Report FAQ (and not-so-FAQ):

"Can you show me the absolute location of Iceland?"

Right in the middle of the map, where it belongs.

"How's Iceland being formed and changed?"

It's all down to geology, baby. And lots of it.

Tell me more about Dave Grohl and Zach DeLarocha.

I think they started a band together.

When does Seltjarnarneslaug reopen?

Word on the street is May 1st.

"Are there 52 states?"

No, not unless you count Iraq and Afghanistan. (I get this one maybe twice a day, and mostly from IP addresses located in the United States.)

What are the competitors of Starbucks in Iceland?

Iceland serves only quality coffee, even at the smallest Esso station. So Starbucks really has no competition here.

Is Garrison Keillor coming to Iceland?

Yes. Prairie Home Companion is being recorded here in the National Theater on May 16th. I'm in the 5th row, too.

Finally, the most common question of recent months, What do people wear in Iceland?

Well, I can tell you what they don't wear, and that's 13 layers of Gore-Tex and mountain fleece. Well OK, we might wear a couple layers of outdoor gear (preferably from Cintamani or 66° North) when we plan to be active in the out-of-doors, such as when hiking up a glacier, camping in a lava field, or fishing in a salmon stream. But walking around on the city streets of Reykjavík, you're better off pretending you're visiting Paris: dress to look good. For God's sake, don't walk around downtown with your parka hood up as though you're expecting a bucketfull of ice to fall on your head at any second.

Feel free to leave me more questions in the comments, or in an email to me, and if I get some good ones, I'll do a slightly more serious FAQ.


Blogger Northern musings said...

I always get "How do you sleep when it´s daylight all the time" - my answer - "I close my eyes"

Blogger carmen said...

"Where's all the ice?"
"What is Björk like in person?"
"Where can I meet Sigur Ros?"
"What's it like when it's dark all the time?" (um...dark all the time )
"Do you drive regular cars or do you have to use snowmobiles?"

Blogger Jennifer Leigh said...

And all this time I thought they ran around half naked in loin cloths! ;-P

Blogger JB said...

Sigga, yes, I get that one too. Usually I say, "When you're tired, you can sleep, no matter what it's doing outside." Now, as for getting up on a pitch-black winter morning, well, that's something else entirely.

Cahmen, all the ice is, sadly, melting. You can walk right up to Sólheimajökull (glacier) on the south coast and listen to it as it turns into water. You can also see how far it extended just a few years back. It's terrifying the pace of climactic change in the Arctic, and I have to force myself not to think about it. What happens will happen at this point. Anyway, back to my igloo...

Jennifer, we only do that on "the first day of summer"!

Blogger Sigvaldi said...

Hi. JB, you must keep in mind that the glaciers reached their maximum extent during the latter half of the 19th century and have been retreating ever since (apart for the period 1970 to the mid nineties when a considerable cooling caused the glaciers to advance)
The retreat started again in the late nineties and it was the smallest glaciers that started their retreat first.

Blogger JB said...

Thanks for the info, Sigvaldi. I didn't know that and it makes me feel better.

Of course, if the Atlantic Conveyor shuts down, we'll have more glaciers than we know what to do with. But that would make for some cold winters.


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