þriðjudagur, apríl 18, 2006

runnin' on empty

A combo of the highest-ever tab for a barrel of sweet light crude and the plummeting króna has led to a stupendous hike in gas prices here in the last week or so. Just recently, a liter of gas fetched just over 100 krónur. Today it cost me 122.6 krónur for a liter of the sweet-smelling spirits, or $6.05 for a gallon. A fill-up can easily top $70 at that rate. And I've become European enough in my gas-buying thinking by this point that my Boston commuting buddy complaining about a $35 tank seems completely unbelievable.


Blogger Little Miss Loopy said...

If I've ever been glad to travel around in the big yellow limmo, this would definetly be the time.

You should all sell your cars, move to 101 and buy the red card. It works like a charm for me and I don't even have to care about the gasoline price. Plus it's better for the enviroment.

Blogger JB said...

Hi Audi,

As a resident of the 101 (see sidebar) and someone who never drove to work in the five years before moving to Iceland (owing to Boston's excellent MBTA and my own two shoes) I can affirm that I would love to be able to walk or yellow limo it to work.

But my company insists on locating itself in the armpit of Iceland (201 - yep, Smáralind's hood) and a bus trip out here from the 101 takes over an hour. Meanwhile it's a 12-minute drive. So until my company wises up and moves out of the sticks (hopefully in the works) I'm stuck with RZ the Silver Bullet and his $70 tanks of gas.


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