föstudagur, maí 26, 2006

an icelandic perspective

My whole company is going on a mystery trip tomorrow, starting in the afternoon. Finnur, who works at the company, is having a housewarming party at his new place tonight. When I asked another work buddy Óli if he was planning on going to the housewarming tonight he said, "No way, I can't get blindfullur [blind drunk] two nights in a row." This is illustrative of the Icelandic perspective: here people make the tacit assumption that the end result of just about any social gathering is blind drunkenness. This goes for grannies on down to teenagers. Drinking just a little less doesn't seem to be an option.


Blogger cK said...

Hmmm. I had thought that well-lubricated element of the film Reykjavik 101 was just an over-the-top (and I don't mean Stallone arm wrestling) representation of life in Iceland. Turns out to be somewhat true.

Is Gatorade rationed each morning?

Blogger JB said...

Yeah, it is definitely true. It is even more true far from 101 Reykjavík, in the smaller communities: Vestmannaeyjar, Vík, Stykkishólmur, Ísafjörður...

I wish it weren't true. I think the government doesn't do people any favors by making alcohol so artificially pricey. This paradoxically makes it seem more precious and (I think) leads to a culture of irresponsible binge drinking.

Blogger carmen said...

Sounds like there must be a vast body of unique Icelandic hangover cures for you to share!

Blogger Sigvaldi said...

Well, that can be true for a certain age group but Icelanders are among the European countries with the least amount of alcohol consumption, alcohol related diseases and alcohol related fatalities.
As for hangover cures, you just go for a swim in your local pool.

Blogger JB said...

Sigvaldi is right, at least about the pools. I hadn't heard those statistics about alchohol-related health issues, but the best cure I know of is the steam room in the pool at Hveragerði, situated directly above the steam-breathing fissure that feeds it.


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