mánudagur, maí 01, 2006

slow-cooked lamb

Today, Labor Day, makes the latest in Iceland's spring suite of multi-day weekends. There was a parade down Laugavegur earlier, followed by speeches, followed by a cold rain, followed by some serious cafe time for all of the downtown population.

But now we are back here by the oceanside and the smell of barbecue was around before I even fired up our little charcoal grill for the maiden voyage of the season, out on our balcony that overlooks the harbor islands and Seltjarnarnes and incoming cargo ships. And now that the charcoals are nice and grey, tinged with red, we have a coupla Krónan ("20% afsláttur við kassann"!) lamb pieces on there (framhryggjasneiðar) sitting on top of a little aluminum tin of water for some slow-cooking action. (I just followed the directions on the ole Kingsford package. Thanks, Oaktown!) Listening to Jackson Browne's tales of rock band tour bus trips across the Midwest almost completes the little Icelando-Americana we have going here. Too bad the Sox don't get playing until 11:05 tonight. That's the missing piece.


Blogger cK said...

Oh, lord. I hope you got to stay up and see the Sox. Big Papi, once again. What a gem.

And the fanfare around Mirabelli's entrance--it was all just lovely.

I'm dying for Clemens to play one last season in Boston, man.

Sorry. Enough baseball.


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