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articles of antagonism

One of the "perks" of being an American living in Iceland is that any time an American media outlet does a feature on Iceland, I get about 63 copies of it. The New York Times, for example, seems to do a piece on Iceland about, oh, every Sunday. As soon as the paper hits the streets, my inbox fills up with links to the article, followed by a hardcopy snailmail clipping from E's mom a few weeks later. I appreciate the thought, but it's not like these articles contain any magic new tips that I don't know from living here. And their often-patronizing tone is downright annoying.

For you Bostonian readers, the Hub equivalent would be, "When in Boston, be sure to visit Faneuil Hall. All the cool people be there. It's an undiscovered paradise. Bostonians are gruff, but they sure are good-hearted people underneath. Be sure to ask them about the 'Red Sox', their local team. They like that."

So, if you have the urge to send me a link to an Iceland-themed article, give it a once-over first. If it contains any reference to the "legendary" Blue Lagoon, chances are I'm not interested.

Today's word parallel is stóll, which means "chair" in Icelandic. In English, it's equivalent to stool. Turns out the English word for "chair" used to be stool, as well. But then the French word "chair" came in in the 1200s and everyone thought it was so fancy and new that stool went downmarket and eventually even came to mean poop.


Blogger JB said...

Update: Amazingly, I just saw that someone from the NY Times hit up the Iceland Report via Google for info on "Ring Road Iceland" back at the end of May. Then last weekend a Sunday Times article on "Iceland's Ring Road" came out, the very subject of today's IR rant.

See, why send me articles written by a touring travel editor when you can get the real thing right here? The Iceland Report: Your (and the New York Times') source for news on life in Iceland.

Blogger JB said...

In other Tales From the Logs, Iceland Report would like to welcome its first Chinese reader, reading a translated version of the controversial and top-selling Immigrant Song post. You chose a good one, Bob from Beijing! The staff here at IR are truly flattered by the international and multilingual attention.

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I like the new photo - very Spinal Tap.

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Blogger The Prima said...

dude.... the IR's word-of-the-day is AWESOME. (but no pressure from me to keep it up or daily)


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