mánudagur, júní 05, 2006


Back in Beantown for a week, the first thing that struck me was the dark. After not seeing true darkness for probably more than a month now, the idea of the pitch-black sky outside Logan Airport struck me as completely unnatural. I knew logically and from experience that it would be dark here; I did grow up here after all. But the actual fact of darkness struck me as just as hard and impossible a thing as the heat would a New Englander stepping out of an airplane onto the Florida tarmac in January.

On my first night here, I sat up in bed abruptly at 4-something a.m., utterly confused, and found myself in the middle of inky blackness, not a shred of light anywhere. I looked around everywhere in futility for something for my eyes to grab, having no idea where I was, guessed briefly the afterlife, and finally remembered, "Oh yeah, it gets dark here."


Blogger gk said...

Some times during the summer my bio clock goes a bit haywire, I just can’t go to sleep until maybe 2-3 at night, and as a consequence I start the day late. Luckily I work at place that is not strict on work-hours.

Blogger Little Miss Loopy said...

I think it's just as hard getting used to it getting dark in the summer as it getting used to it being bright all the time. To me the darkness is unnatural and the summers I've been abroad I've really missed the bright summer nights.

Blogger JB said...

I hear ya, LML. I am going crazy with this dark-at-8-pm business. That and the rain. It's like monsoon season here.


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