þriðjudagur, júní 27, 2006


All of us here at the Iceland Report editorial desk wish to extend hearty congratulations to our founder, editor, mentor, and prodigious bagel-bites eater, Jared "Játvarður" Bibler, for his interview today with Euro-city blog Shortcut.


Blogger cK said...

Very cool. Shortcut's a nice venture. I'm glad they've recognized your writing.

Although I shouldn't read so many foreign-(to-me)-based blogs, as they give me serious expat longing. I can't see myself leaving the northern Midwest for anywhere else in the US, but after my trip to Denmark and Sweden last year, I think I learned how one might leave a country.

Hey: Keep writing.

Blogger Erik said...

Very cool indeed.

Blogger JB said...

CK, There's nothing wrong with expat longing. If you're interested in living abroad, I say go for it. Plus isn't leaving for a Nordic country a bit like trading in your Cadillac on a BMW?

Blogger Johnny Damon said...

Welcome back, JB. You were stuck in the Galleria far too long.

Blogger Kit B. said...

I love your blog! It may well be my favorite new one that I read...I'm glad about Shortcut...great work!

Blogger dtw said...

Yeah, you seem to know your readers. :)

I know I ended up in here as an Iceland dreamer, although I didn't really search for Icelandic bloggery until I heard that I'd be moving in for a few months a bit later on.

I'll just have to back up CK and hope you won't stop keep writing anytime soon. It's a poor comparison, but as I thought at some point, whereas E writes poetry, you write prosa. I like both.

Blogger JB said...

Johnny, thanks, I know. If I had had to eat one more meal at the California Pizza Kitchen...

BK and DTW, thanks! It's reader comments like these that make it all worthwhile. I really appreciate it.


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