mánudagur, október 30, 2006

costume party

So last Friday the company threw a celebrity costume gig downtown. I went as a celebrity who's been in the news a lot recently. (You can look at the pictures and decide for yourself how convincing I was.) I didn't win any prizes in the official costume competition, but for the People on Laugavegur, who I kept going outside to visit, I was a big hit. (After all, my celebrity needs the People just as much as they need her.) For the uninitiated, Laugavegur is the Main Street of Reykjavík and on weekend nights it becomes an endless parade of cars on the cruise, later supplemented with swaying pedestrians on the sidewalks and lined up outside the bars. All that I and my swan-necked coworker "Björk" had to do was go out on the sidewalk with our props and wave at the cars. We got smiles, cheers, people rolling down their windows to talk, passersby saying "til hamingju!", and one driver even handed me a mostly-finished ice cream "for the baby". Even the patrolling Lögreglan looked on with some amusement. Well, OK, maybe just amusement on the inside.


Blogger cK said...

Wow. Gunnar (or is that Matthew?) Nelson!!

Nice costume, by the way. Was there any Guy Ritchie support?

Blogger Anna said...

You would look just like Madonna if you waxed your eyebrows, your beard and took off your glasses.
And you forgot to wear your suit under your underwear. ;o)
But you looked great!

And a message from BID "It is obvious that you don't know how to hold babies".

Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

HA! My first thought was Gunnar Nelson too. (Matthew was working some fringe when they had the long hair.)

You make a beautiful Madge. :P

Blogger JB said...

CK: Sweet! I didn't think of that. I would probably rather have been one of the Nelson Brudders.

Anna: Of course I don't know how to hold a baby! I am the only 32-year-old man in Iceland who doesn't have one. I'm not even a helgapabbi. The peer pressure to have kids around here is a bit like Salt Lake City minus the religious extremism.

This issue aside, I believe the casual grip on the baby was part of my Madonna "look". The baby was more or less a prop for both of us.

Kristen: Thanks! "As far as I'm concerned, the adoption laws have to be changed to suit [the] state of emergency. I think if everybody went there, they'd want to bring one of those children home with them and give them a better life."

Blogger carmen said...

omg, you are "PC Home Movie"!!


(full url: http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac/betterresults_480x376.mov )


Blogger JB said...

Cahmen: Aaaah!

I do really enjoy that ad campaign. It's pretty expertly cast and costumed. I hadn't seen that one though.


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