þriðjudagur, ágúst 17, 2004

apartment lease

I went down with Þorgeir (Heiða's dad) last night to sign my apartment lease - it needed 2 witnesses. He's a good man. He pronounced the apartment "good". Then on the way back we drove by the container port and sure enough, the Skógafoss was already being unloaded... it was pretty great to have seen the ole ship on both sides of the journey. I have to call those cats today to see when I can pick up my car. Having a car here will make things a whole lot better. Since I'm not living in 101 (Reykjavík´s hippest postal code) yet, I pretty much need a ride to get anywhere.

I had a nice walk to work just now, it cheered me up from feeling headachey. It's about 20 minutes from Þorgeir & Magga's house down the side of a hill, across a little babbling brook, through a housing project, across a big road, along the side of the largest (and second of 2) mall in Iceland, and up another hill to work. The sky is half cloudy and half blue, and it was very quiet and grassy, and I stopped at the little brook to soak it in for a bit.

They have never heard of A/C in Iceland, so when it's a little warm, like it is now, the office is hot. I have a fan on my desk that I call the "death trap" because it has no front to it.

OK, must get to "work" deciphering company emails in Icelandic. It's a good way to learn.


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