þriðjudagur, nóvember 09, 2004

tough times

It's been tough times here, but I always feel better after my nightly swim. It's the monnins that aah the toughest. It's just unnaturally dark to me. Pitch black. I drive to work and it's just vaguely getting light over in the East. But the nice thing is that I have seen Venus and Jupiter twice in the last week, beaming down on me like beacons. My Icelandic teacher asked her 14-y/o daughter about how she thought about the dark and she said, "what?" People who live here don't even notice it - or think anything special of it - it's just how it is. I would be like me saying to you, "so how do you like this crazy time with the leaves falling off the trees?" How do you even answer that?


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