föstudagur, júní 03, 2005

oaktown, iceland

This past month of weather reminds me of my old Oakland, California days. With one exception, every day since the beginning of May has been bright, sunny, blue skies, a whiff of salty ocean smell, and hills browning under the relentless light. (We even had a wildfire or two!) In short, just like the East Bay, except the days go on forever, and it's still bright enough to read at 2 am.

So in that spirit, here are 10 things that would make Reykjavík seem even more like the East Bay:

1. outdoor drum circles at the University of Iceland
2. 60s-era VW minibuses jacked up on 36" Dick Cepek tires
3. patio restaurants serving hummus & hákarl sandwiches
4. 8 lanes expanding to 20 at the toll plaza for the tunnel from Akranes
5. a "RART" train to go from Lækjartorg to Garðabær with no stops in between
6. renovation of Gamla Höfn into a "Harbor Square" filled with empty chain stores
7. a Bay Bridge to Viðey
8. dusty hippies and their dogs sitting along the buildings on Laugavegur
9. a Your Black Muslim Bakery in Skeifan
10. Hafnarfjörður renamed to "San Hafnarfjörður"


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